Magnetic Shield Expands Facility in Illinois 

Magnetic Shield, a manufacturer of magnetic shielding materials and products, has expanded the building at its headquarters in Bensenville, Illinois northwest of Chicago to accommodate greater inventory and increased capabilities.  

The new 7,000 sq ft addition houses 25-ft tall storage racks to hold inventory of its most popular material, MuMetal, according to Josh Wickler, director of research and development. “As the number one source for MuMetal in the world, we keep large inventories of sheets, coils, plates, bar and wire in stock to reduce lead time for our customers.” Ten feet taller than the existing facility, the new building quadruples the previous space for inventory. 

Beyond inventory, the new 1,000 sq. foot mezzanine provides a space to process custom shield assemblies through quality control, finishing and packaging. The existing 10,000 sq. foot facility has been renovated to make more room for manufacturing and fabrication equipment. A new 800-sq ft R&D lab accommodates testing and evacuation of magnetic shields and assembly of large shielding such as the company’s new shielded chambers and shielding rooms, as well as research and product development. 

The company’s MuMetal brand products cover a wide range of raw material types, shapes and sizes including shielding sheets, plates and foils, as well as toroidal cores, shielding for wiring and cabling and custom scientific chambers. See