CoolMag Adds to Line of Thermal Protectants 

CoolMag Plast pellets 

CoolMag, a Barcelona developer of encapsulants for keeping magnetic and electronic components cool and protected, has introduced a new thermoplastic compound that allows design freedom in applications previously restricted to common plastics and even metals such as coil bobbins, battery packs or electronic enclosures. The new flame-retardant Coolmag Plast PA20 combines thermal conductivity and electrical insulation in standard pellet form suitable for injection molding and extrusion processes. 

CoolMag PU 10 for transformers and power electronics 

It joins the company’s range of thermally conductive silicone and polyurethane resins with different specifications according to application needs. Its CoolMag PU 10, for example, is particularly suitable for transformers and power electronic components. It provides heat transfer, reducing hot spots and minimizing average temperature of systems, electric isolation, mechanical protection, along with flame and fire protection. 

Grupo Premo uses CoolMag for heat dissipation in new 3D Power product 

An example of how CoolMag has helped boost magnetic performance is in the recently developed 3D Power component from Grupo Premo, which was reported on earlier in Magnetics Magazine. A leading manufacturer of inductive components, Premo merged into one product a full bridge LLC transformer and resonant choke that made a 40-50% reduction in volume for similar power management. The disruptive product design required resolving issues of greater heat but the compound helps dissipate the heat from the top of the magnetic to the liquid cooling plate at bottom. 

“They have successfully proven that Coolmag cooled magnetics with graphene enhanced conductors plus a 3DPower configuration, can deliver as much as 3x power in the same volume, improving costs and performance significantly,” said Xavier Mirabet, global sales and business development manager with CoolMag. For more info, see and