Oncore Motor Group Acquires Reuland Electric, Primes for Growth 

Oncore Motor Group, led by CEO Grant Bibby, has acquired long-time electric motor manufacturer Reuland Electric of City Of Industry, California only about a year after Bibby sold lamination manufacturer Orchid Monroe. Oncore indicates that it is focused on further growth for Reuland, producer of an extensive line of specialized motors, and appears to be positioned for the possibility of making more acquisitions. 

Grant Bibby, CEO of Oncore Motor Group 

“Reuland is an incredible company,” said Bibby when the acquisition was announced in August. “They engineer and produce over 50 different product lines of electric motors, each one with unique performance and characteristics proven to handle the world’s most difficult applications. Basically, Reuland does what others cannot do. We are so thrilled for the opportunity to take Reuland even further. Keep an eye on Reuland and stay tuned.” 

The entire management team remains in place including Todd Reuland, a third generation Reuland in the company, who was instrumental in the development of its liquid cooled high speed motors, as well as building the Reuland brand and expanding sales globally. 

Reuland manufactures electric motors for a wide range of applications and markets including movable bridges, cranes, elevators, military, shipboard, infrastructure and industrial. Reuland products and components are manufactured in two facilities in California and Michigan.  

“The company’s commitment to craftsmanship and superior quality aligns perfectly with OnCore’s mission and vision for the future. With additional resources, and new investments in technology and factory modernization, Reuland will continue to make history, 85 years’ worth and counting,” said Bibby. The company is targeting growth in its existing markets as well as to develop solutions for new emerging markets, particularly for electrification trends.

Reuland has pioneered the development of high-speed liquid cooled AC motors for over 50 years. It has designed over a thousand models for high-speed, high power, low inertia, and faster response time machines. Ratings ranging from 1/10 – 1500 HP, and 0 – 40,000 RPM, are offered in custom liquid-cooled enclosures. Each motor is custom designed to the specific application requirements such as higher speed ranges, high torque at low speed, and wide constant power ranges. 
Reuland’s surface mount permanent magnet motors are designed to produce high peak torques at low speeds, designed to be operated with an inverter, a closed-loop control, and resolver feedback in in water-cooled enclosures and power ranges up to 500 hp. The stators consist of a conventional 3-phase winding while the rotor is made up of a small core with high energy magnets mounted on the exterior of the core.

Founded to focus on acquiring and developing motor manufacturing technologies and businesses to support the new emerging electric motor markets, Oncore is associated with Oncore Technologies, an advisory firm focused on helping clients with building and modernizing electric motor manufacturing facilities including lamination production, core building, motor winding, component production, full assembly and motor testing. 
Prior to OnCore and Reuland, Bibby founded Orchid International in 1988 at age 24 and built it to over $150 million year in revenues at its peak. CEO of the Orchid companies for 32 years, he sold the business in mid-2022 to UPG Enterprises through its Electrical Steel Division. Bibby is also co-founder and managing director of ClearStone International in Nashville, Tennessee which is an advisory firm specialized in manufacturing and business matters. It provided the due diligence and funding for the Reuland deal. For more info, see www.reuland.com