Test and Measurement

Underground Magnetics Serves Growing Need for Infrastructure Location Solutions

Horizontal directional drilling has revolutionized installation of the world’s massive underground infrastructure of gas pipe, electric lines and fiber optic cable. As already crowded underground right-of-ways continue to be developed, the need for efficient and effective locating technologies continually evolves. […]

e-Power Technology

Calnetix Shows New High-Speed Electric Motor Generator at Sea-Air-Space Expo

Calnetix Technologies’ Defense and Aerospace Division recently exhibited at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition from April 4-6, 2022 in National Harbor, MD. Calnetix showcased its technically superior power management and electromagnetic drive solutions for the defense and aerospace industries. […]


Mate, Producer of Magnetic Compounds, Adds ‘Create Factory’ in Japan

Mate Co., Ltd., a developer and producer of magnetic compounds, has opened a new factory in Japan that adds to its research and manufacturing capabilites. The company specializes in producing both hard and soft magnetic compounds for injection molding, along with other functional composites. […]

Research & Development

PSI Lab: A Look into the Magnetic Future

Researchers at PSI have observed for the first time how tiny magnets in a special layout align themselves solely as a result of temperature changes. This view into processes that take place within so-called artificial spin ice could play an important role in the development of novel high-performance computers. […]

Digital Version

May/June 2022 + Annual Resource Guide

Carraro Advances Electrification of Agricultural &Construction MachineryDevoted to thoughtful and innovative engineering, agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer Carraro Group of Italy is bringing advancements in electrified mobility to workfields. Paragraf’s Graphene Hall-Effect Sensors Open the […]

Research & Development

Vacuumschmelze and Fraunhofer IPM Institute to Present a New Magnetocaloric Refrigerator in 2023

Magnetocaloric systems are a promising new approach in a new generation of cooling technology that functions without climate-damaging coolants. With an innovative concept for heat transfer, researchers at Fraunhofer IPM together with industrial partners usch as Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG have been able to significantly increase the efficiency of magnetocaloric cooling system […]