Tera Analysis Updates QuickField; Shows Eddy Current & Actuator Simulations

Tera Analysis in Denmark has updated its QuickField electromatic simulation software for greater processing power and improvements in finite element mesh generation. It also has recent training webinars available on using QuickField for eddy current simulation and actuators simulation.  The new Version […]


Carpenter Extends Expertise in Soft Magnetic Rotor & Stator Stacks; Joins FEMM Hub in UK

Carpenter Technology, producer of an extensive portfolio of soft magnetic alloys, is continuing to build its expertise in the mass production of stator and rotor stacks, while also fostering future innovation in electrification manufacturing.  It […]


TDK develops new compact, current-compensated ring core chokes

TDK Corporation has developed a new series of current-compensated double-ring core chokes for the suppression of common-mode interferences. Main applications for the compact EPCOS chokes are switch-mode power supplies, converters and domestic appliances.  They are extremely small in relation to […]