Bilfinger Noell to Produce More Superconducting Wigglers for Synchrotrons 

Bilfinger Noell will supply customized superconducting wigglers to two leading synchroton facilities, Diamond Light Source in the UK and the Australian Synchrotron, strengthening its position as a major supplier of superconducting insertion devices such as superconductor undulators and superconductor wigglers with its unique and patented design. The insertion devices are the result of a collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) which will also carry out the cold test of the units. […]


Magnetism May Have Given Life Its Molecular Asymmetry 

Living things are asymmetrical, even at the molecular level: Although many essential biomolecules exist in distinct mirror-image forms, cells tend to use just one of those forms exclusively. An article in Quanta Magazine sheds light on the concept of chirality and research into its origins involving primordial magnetism. A few excerpts of the fascinating article here: […]

e-Power Technology

No-Magnets Motor from C-Motive Lauded in DOE Competition 

Make a five-minute pitch to a thousand plum contacts and potential funders, win $20,000 and a shot at $500,000. It was a good day’s work for start-up C-Motive at the U.S Department of Energy EPIC competition — drawing attention to the company’s innovative electrostatic motor that uses printed circuit boards instead of magnets.  […]


DELO Introduces its First Dual-Curing High-Temperature Structural Adhesive for Electric Motors

DELO has developed its first dual-curing, high-temperature adhesive for electric motor applications. DELO DUALBOND HT2990 is designed for use in multiple processes, including magnet bonding and magnet stacking in electric motor manufacturing. […]