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March/April 2024

Swedish Automaker Polestar Designs New PM Motors for Its High-Performance EVs, Plans Magnet Recyclingwith Cyclic MaterialsSwedish automaker Polestar is rapidly expanding its production of electric vehicle models with high power output and speedy performance. Begun […]


Magellan Project for Magnet Recycling & Production in Europe Begins, Led by Nuclear Fuel Company Orano 

Running from January 2024 to December 2026, Magellan Project aims to revolutionize the way Europe recycles and manufactures permanent magnets. With co-funding from the European Union and a total budget of €7.5M, the project is […]

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January/February 2024

Hyundai Unveils Universal Wheel e-Drive System, Boosts Global EV Manufacturing CapabilityHyundai and Kia, both brands of Hyundai Motor Group, unveiled their new universal wheel drive system for electric vehicles in Korea in November amidst the […]

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November/December 2023

Military Drone Deploys Hefty Payload at NATO ExerciseBAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics recently demonstrated the capabilities of their electric-power heavy-lift drone during a large NATO exercise in Portugal to integrate the latest maritime technologies across […]

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September/October 2023

Time Medical Charges Ahead with Production of Neonatal MRI in Hong KongWith US FDA clearance in hand and a new production facility in Hong Kong, Time Medical is charging ahead to get NEONA, its breakthrough […]