November/December 2023

Military Drone Deploys Hefty Payload at NATO Exercise
BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics recently demonstrated the capabilities of their electric-power heavy-lift drone during a large NATO exercise in Portugal to integrate the latest maritime technologies across allied forces, powered by multiple permanent-magnet electric-motor propulsion systems.

In-Wheel Motor Key Component in Hyundai Mobis Electrification Platform
Hyundai Mobis is going all out to demonstrate its electrification-centric vision for the automobile industry, seeking to grow dramatically as a leading innovator and manufacturer of powertrain and other systems for electric vehicles. A permanent-magnet in-wheel motor with associated control system is a key technology being developed to reach new levels of torque and steering performance.

New Technology Makes Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles and Ferries Attractive
Researchers at Chalmers have developed an induction technology that enables battery charging without the help of a human or robotic arm. The technology is also so complete that it can soon be presented to industry.

Hall-Effect Thrusters from Busek to Propel Artemis Gateway
As space missions probe deeper and last longer, electrified propulsion systems powered by Hall-effect thrusters are proving their mettle. One company leading the way is Busek, a pioneer in Hall-Effect technology for aerospace whose thrusters will be aboard NASA Artemis missions seeking the return of humans to the moon.

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