e-Power Technology

Curtiss-Wright Applies Canned Motor Technology to Offshore Oilfield for Petrobas 

While advancements in electrification often conjure up visions of electric vehicles, they also take place in many industrial applications as electromechanical systems increasingly replace hydraulic power. A fresh example is electrification of legacy hydraulic apparatus in the offshore oilfields of Brazil. Curtiss-Wright announced in February that is has signed a technology cooperation agreement with Petroleo Brasileiro, known as Petrobas, to design, manufacture, test and provide operational support for a Subsea Canned Motor Boosting System, to be deployed mudline at a Petrobras production field in the Campos Basin. […]


Latest Advancements in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Plus the Beer Magnet) Coming to Monterey for ENC 2024 

Leading researchers in nuclear magnetic resonance will be converging at this year’s Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference, ENC 2024, April 7-11, at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California near Monterey. Always with a busy […]


At the Right Time, in the Right Place, for the Right Markets – Microelectronics Pioneer iC-Haus Celebrates 40th Anniversary

In the mid-1980s, semiconductors and integrated circuits in particular were conquering more and more areas of application in communications, data processing and industry. During this early growth phase, Dr. Heiner Flocke and Manfred Herz founded iC-Haus GmbH in Bodenheim near Mainz in 1984 as a manufacturer of iCs and microsystems. […]


AKM Goes Into Mass Production with Coreless Fast-Response Current Sensors 

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has started mass production of its CZ39 series of current sensors for automotive applications that feature a compound Hall element, package and circuit technologies to realize high-speed response, low heat generation and noise-proof properties sought by design engineers. Compatible with SiC/GaN power devices, they can contribute to the miniaturization of on-board chargers and DC/DC converters that are installed in automobiles. The high-speed response also makes them suitable for use as electronic fuses. […]


iNRCORE Expands Transformer Line; Major Investment Company Steps Into Ownership Position — Signaling More Acquisitions? 

On the product side, iNRCORE has expanded its line of battery management system transformers targeting the EV market while, on the corporate side, major investment firm Warburg Pincus has taken an ownership position in the […]


Magswitch Unifies Its Companies in U.S. 

In a strategic move to redefine their presence in the United States, Magswitch Technology Inc. and Magswitch Automation Company have amalgamated their operations and are now doing business as Magswitch Technologies. The merger streamlines operations […]


IMRIS Advances Innovative MRI Surgical Theatres & Cryogen-Free SuperC Magnet Capabilities 

IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging, a developer of intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging systems, has made significant advancements in its technical capabilities and market penetration lately. Recent moves include:

FDA clearance of an advanced neurosurgical theatre that incorporates its traveling magnet design.

Acquisition of Superconducting Systems, Inc. (SSI) which develops cryogen-free superconducting magnets for medical and research applications.

Relocation to a new facility custom-built with surgical suite labs for developing its unique technology.