September/October 2023

Time Medical Charges Ahead with Production of Neonatal MRI in Hong Kong
With US FDA clearance in hand and a new production facility in Hong Kong, Time Medical is charging ahead to get NEONA, its breakthrough neonatal magnetic resonance imaging system, on the market. A world-first superconducting MRI system dedicated for baby diagnosis, NEONA can significantly improve the precision and image quality of fragile newborns, infants and children.

Saietta e-Drives to Be Manufactured by Avtec in India; to Power AYRO Vehicles in USA – Illustrate Growing Web of Global Production Collaborations for EVs
In two separate deals, British electric drive specialist Saietta has forged a master supply agreement with AVTEC Limited, a major independent manufacturer of powertrains in India, for production of Saietta’s e-drives for lightweight vehicles in that country, and also received an order for 3,000 units for placement in AYRO urban duty vehicles in the USA.

How One Magnetic Alloy Helped Fight the Covid Pandemic
As the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be worthwhile to reflect on how a particular magnetic alloy made a positive impact in the battle. At its peak, the pandemic posed unanticipated challenge throughout diverse avenues of the industrial supply chain including many providers of specialized magnetic technologies.

Magnets for Horse Mobility and Therapy from England
While the therapeutic power of magnets remains a subject of scientific debate, many horse owners believe in their efficacy. From all over the world they turn to Equilibrium Products of England for its thoughtully designed wraps and blankets to position magnets precisely where desired.

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