January/February 2024

Hyundai Unveils Universal Wheel e-Drive System, Boosts Global EV Manufacturing Capability
Hyundai and Kia, both brands of Hyundai Motor Group, unveiled their new universal wheel drive system for electric vehicles in Korea in November amidst the group’s dramatic surge in expansion of EV manufacturing capability. Uni Wheel is a functionally integrated wheel drive system that dramatically improves available space inside an EV by moving the main drive system components to the vacant space within the wheel hub.

Overseas Inductor & Power Electronics Suppliers Head to APEC
As the 2024 conference comes together for February in Long Beach, California, overseas-based specialty manufacturers of inductors and other magnetic components for power electronics are heading to America. This article highlights the products and capabilities of several: Shenzen Codaca Electronic of China, which recently linked up with Digi-Key as a distribution partner, MaxEcho Technology of Taiwan, Core Electronic of Turkey, and Prax Power from Barcelona.

Vitesco Builds e-Drive Portfolio with New Designs & Semiconductor Supply Chain Deals
Automotive powertrain manufacturer Vitesco Technologies is strategically building its portfolio of e-drives with new designs – including one that features a rotor without permanent magnets, and billion-dollar supply chain deals to secure a steady flow of prized silicon carbide semiconductors for control and charging systems.

Bilfinger Noell to Produce More Superconducting Wigglers for Synchrotrons
Bilfinger Noell will supply customized superconducting wigglers to two leading synchroton facilities, Diamond Light Source in the UK and the Australian Synchrotron, strengthening its position as a major supplier of superconducting insertion devices such as superconductor undulators and superconductor wigglers with its unique and patented design.

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