Research & Development

Astronomers Unveil Strong Magnetic Fields Spiraling at the Edge of Milky Way’s Central Black Hole

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, who produced the first ever image of our Milky Way black hole released in 2022, has captured a new view of the massive object at the centre of our Galaxy: how it looks in polarised light. This is the first time astronomers have been able to measure polarisation, a signature of magnetic fields, this close to the edge of Sagittarius A*. This image shows the polarised view of the Milky Way black hole. The lines overlaid on this image mark the orientation of polarisation, which is related to the magnetic field around the shadow of the black hole. […]

e-Power Technology

Siemens to Sell Innomotics Motor & Drive Biz for €3.5 Billion to KPS 

Siemens is planning to sell off its Innomotics motor and drive business unit for €3.5 billion to investment portfolio company KPS Capital Partners. The move follows creation of Innomotics, carved out as a discrete business unit in 2022, and preparations by Siemens in late 2023 to roll it out as a public company, but in a change of plans now has agreed to the sale to KPS. The transaction is expected to close in 2025. […]

e-Power Technology

Inductive Couplers from Premo Sniff for Problems in EV High-Voltage Systems 

Electric vehicles present unique challenges when it comes to monitoring their high-voltage systems. This is where sniffing applications come in. Sniffing involves the use of inductive couplers to measure the current and voltage signals on high-voltage cables without the need for direct contact with the cables themselves. The non-intrusive method of monitoring can be critical for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of EVs. […]