e-Power Technology

Magnetic Encoder ICs flexibly rethought

iC-Haus presents its proven Hall sensor IC:  The iC-PVS combines a flexibly configurable Hall array front-end with a 56-bit low-power period counter and an integrated 6-bit interpolator. Battery-buffered, it can be used to implement multiturn […]


Quickstart for High-Resolution Safety Encoder Development

The new RZ4M from iC-Haus combines the optical twin-scan sensors of the iC-RZ Series with the downstream interpolator iC-MR3 on a single evalboard. Developers can now easily set up this high-resolution optical encoder solution in the lab and comfortably put this chip duo into operation. […]


Robust Long Distance MCU Communication

Due to their flexibility and performance, microcontrollers are popular in control, sensor and actuator systems. More and more applications require a reliable exchange of information between controllers over several meters. With increasing cable lengths, the required characteristics of the cable significantly contribute to the overall cost of the system. […]