Smart Inductive Position Sensing

Whenever position encoders have to deal with unfavorable environments in which dust, oil and moisture can lead to contamination, the most robust sensing principle is required. Magnetic Hall encoders are a common cost effective and compact choice, at least up to certain angle resolution and accuracy requirements. To achieve even better performance, a modern inductive resolver could be considered. For this, the new iC-GI22 inductive front-end chip extends the
well-known rotary transformer principle to higher frequencies in order to scan a simple metallic rotary target using
on-board coils.

The 2-channel design of iC-GI22 enables the detection of a low-resolution absolute rotor position together with a
high-resolution incremental track. Connecting the iC-TW29 encoder processor with automatic error correction for evaluation results in a space-saving circuit that is easy to operate and reduces system costs.

Possible applications are absolute and incremental position sensors, drive speed and torque control, brushless motor commutation, robots, AGV, vending machines and more.

iC Haus will present the new iC-GI22 in a live webinar Thursday, May 16, 2024 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM CEST. Key Takeaways:

• Understand the fundamentals of inductive sensing
• Learn how to apply the iC-GI22 front-end chip
• See a live demonstration of the new iC-GI22 / iC-TW29 absolute encoder are

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