iC-TW39 24 Bit Magnetic On-Axis Angle Sensor 

iC-Haus presents its new, iC-TW39 On-Axis Angle Sensor. The iC-TW39 is a very compact TMR-based system-on-chip solution for 360-degree absolute angle sensing in the end-of-shaft position. The sensor tracks the magnetic field direction in the X-Y chip plane, with relaxed tolerances for IC placement and operating distance to the diametrical magnet. Utilizing a high-resolution interpolator with digital filtering and automatic error correction, the chip ensures minimal angular error, excellent position jitter even at low speeds, and unmatched position noise at standstill. The fast data processing refreshes the absolute angle position every 20 ns for immediate output via BiSS or SSI. In addition, incremental ABZ signals are available with resolutions of 1 to 65,536 cycles per revolution, or alternatively, UVW commutation signals for 1 to 32 pole-pair motors. The iC-TW39 can be configured using the bidirectional BiSS interface or SPI. Extensive status and signal quality monitoring capabilities allow detection and notification of poor operating conditions, as well as drive monitoring for predictive maintenance. Learn More