New White Paper: Magnetization Losses in Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

This White Paper describes the magnetization losses that are possible in SmCo and NdFeB permanent magnet materials. Reversible losses are first discussed followed by irreversible losses, which can be caused by temperature, external fields or radiation. Losses over time by magnetic viscosity are also discussed. Finally, permanent losses caused by corrosion, hydrogen, high temperatures and radiation are considered. […]


Queen’s University Spinout Ionic Technologies Exceeds Employment Expectations while Developing Permanent Magnet Recycling Plant

A Belfast company that received a £1.72m grant from the UK Government to develop a permanent magnet recycling plant has recorded record growth in just under a year. Ionic Technologies, a spinout from Queen’s University, said its 2023 expansion plans have already surpassed all expectations in terms of job creation and business growth. […]

e-Power Technology

SKF and Wolong Expand Magnetic Bearing & Levitation Motors Businesses 

SKF and Wolong Electric Group are expanding their lines of business in the growing market for magnetic bearings and high-speed levitation motors. SKF is opening a new plant in Morocco to ramp up production of its magnetic bearings and, jointly, the two companies are cooperating to apply the bearings to more high-speed motor and drive products.  […]