iC-TW39: 24-Bit TMR Angle Sensor for high-resolution measuring 

iC-Haus presents its new, universal TMR angle sensor for on-axis applications, especially for motor feedback systems. iC-TW39 is suitable for high-resolution incremental and absolute measuring systems and also supports multiturn applications.  

This TMR angle sensor offers several advantages over conventional Hall sensors: Due to its high sensitivity, higher operating distances are possible. This allows a higher axial play of the motor axis and larger installation tolerances. The quantum tunneling that comes with the iC-TW39 causes high output voltages for the TM 

By using a high-resolution on-chip interpolator with digital filtering and automatic error correction, the iC-TW39 ensures minimal angular error of only ±0.15° (INL) and excellent position jitter (e.g. ±2% at 2,500 cpr) even with unprecedented low position noise at standstill. Also long latency times that occur with conventional Hall sensors are negligible with TMR technology: with only 1.5 μs, the sensor responds with virtually no delay. Learn More