Research & Development

Astroid Clocking: A New Method to Control Magnetic Dynamics in Nanomagnets

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found a new way to make small, targeted changes in a magnetic system called artificial spin ice (ASI). ASIs are materials with a wide range of emergent properties, such as computation. Controlling when, where, and how their magnetic domains change can be crucial for technological applications like physical reservoir computing […]


Magnetic Insight Primes for Growth in Magnetic Particle Imaging Technology 

Magnetic Insight, a pioneering developer of magnetic particle imaging technology, has made significant advancements recently as it prepares to make the big jump from pre-clinical to clinical use. The company reports several developments including the appointment of Chris Raanes as the new CEO and $3 million in grant funding. The funds include a joint grant with The University of California at Berkeley to dramatically improve the spatial resolution of MPI, and a National Institute of Health grant to drive the sensitivity of MPI to the physics limits. […]

e-Power Technology

BMW Transforms to Electric Drive Technology via Massive Investment in New Plant & Equipment 

Automaker BMW is racing to align its production sites around the world to accommodate new electric drive designs as it transforms to an electric vehicle powerhouse. The movement is all-encompassing – involving new vehicle and permanent-magnet powertrain designs instead of internal combustion power, leading to massive investments in new plant and equipment. […]