New Alloy Powder Materials from Micrometals Optimize Inductor Performance

Micrometals, a manufacturer of core solutions for power applications, has introduced three new formulations in its line of Optilloy alloy powder materials which are designed to optimize inductor performance for demanding power applications.  Each of the new offerings is specifically formulated to deliver optimal core performance for various applications.  All the company’s Optilloy materials are unique formulations […]


Hitachi Develops Higher-Efficiency Motor Technology Using Amorphous Magnetic Metal from Subsidiary MetGlas

Hitachi Metals reports that it has made an important advancement in the use of amorphous magnetic metal for cost-effectively manufacturing electric motors, a development that could bode well for improving the energy efficiency of electric vehicles, industrial equipment and electrical appliances.  Using specialized amorphous metal […]

Software and Design

Frenetic Applies Artificial Intelligence to Magnetic Component Design, Ferroxcube a Partner

Electronic design company Sp Control Technologies of Madrid, Spain, has developed a platform for the design of magnetic components that is based on artificial intelligence for speeding up and improving both the design and manufacturing process.  The company is now commercializing […]