Schurter EMI Test Circuit Boards for High-inductance Nanocrystalline Cores

Schurter is now offering test circuit boards for its DKIH-1 and DKIH-3 high-current chokes that enable a product designer to easily set up an electromagnetic interference filter circuit for 1- or 3-phase systems. Its new DKIH series has a nanocrystalline ring core which the company says provides eight times higher inductance performance than ferrite core versions in the same compact dimension. 

Every developer of an electrical or electronic device is faced with the same problem, notes the company.  In the end, the device must comply with international EMC guidelines regarding emission and immunity. Problems, often of an unpredictable nature, mostly arise in the power section. Like most electronic assemblies, the power section is increasingly being mounted on printed circuit boards using discrete components and a current-compensated choke with capacitors is the most efficient measure for EMC suppression. 

With the new test boards, a wide variety of filter configurations can be quickly calibrated with the DKIH series of current-compensated chokes without making any changes to an existing PCB layout. With high L and C values, says Schurter, most disturbances can be adequately attenuated. The art of filter design, however, lies in finding an effective and at the same time cost-optimized combination of components. Often, slightly smaller L and C values are sufficient if perfectly combined. 

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