Northern Transformer to Upgrade Ontario Manufacturing Site

Northern Transformer, a fast-growing manufacturer of industrial power transformers, will be making an $11 million upgrade to its facilities in Ontario, Canada that will utilize newer clean technology and result in improved production capability. 

Based in Vaughan near Toronto, the company has received a $3 million funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario that will help implement the project which encompasses a nearly $11.7-million retrofit of the company’s 105,000-sf facility with new equipment including vapor phase drying technology that will save energy compared to conventional heating processes and remove humidity more efficiently. 

“We are delighted to be increasing our capabilities,” said Alexei Miecznikowski, CEO. The project is intended to help reduce processing time, increase production volume while also responding to demand for the replacement of aging power transformers and gain market share across North America. The company expects to add 32 new skilled jobs. The new drying technology also means that the company’s next generation transformers will work more efficiently and have a longer lifespan, said Miecznikowski. 

Established in 1981, Northern has supplied more than 500 transformers to the North American utility market. Since 2012, it has quadrupled its full-time workforce, from 24 to 97. In 2016, it relocated all operations including research and development, design, production and testing to the current facility. 

Northern Power grounding transformer 

Its grounding transformers, which are sized according to customer grounding requirements, are built with only circular coils and three-legged stepped lapped cores enabling them to handle system grounding faults better than conventional wound core technology, according to the company. Its liquid-filled transformers are rated up to 115 MVA at 160 KV. All coil winding is performed by hand by the firm’s team of winders. The company’s designs are primarily based upon a three-limb cruciform core design. Where customers require lower core losses, no load losses or have noise concerns, higher grade core steel is used and various core cooling options are available for larger transformers. 

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