Rohde & Schwarz Launches Versatile Impedance Testers 

Measuring impedance can be a critical test of magnetic components such as transformers and inductors. Now Rohde & Schwarz has launched a new family of high-performance general purpose impedance testers covering a wide range of applications. 

Losses in magnetic components can occur in the core and in the windings, and loss estimates can be important guides for product designers. With its supported frequency range from 4 Hz to 10 MHz, the R&S LCX family of LCR meters is suitable not only for most devices operating at conventional 50 or 60 Hz domestic power frequencies or 400 Hz for aircraft, but also for everything from low frequency seismic sensors to high power communication circuits operating at several Megahertz. For engineers selecting suitable capacitors, inductances, resistors, and analog filters to match the device application, the R&S LCX models provide high precision impedance values. Equally, higher speed measurements at production-use accuracy for quality control and monitoring are also supported. 

Their auto-balancing bridge technology supports conventional impedance measurements by measuring the AC voltage and current for the device under test, including the phase shift. This is then used to calculate complex impedance at any given operational point. As a general purpose LCR meter, the R&S LCX covers many applications including to test transformers and measure DC resistance in addition to the full range of impedance measurements. The R&S LCX family is launched with two models to cover different frequency ranges with options to cover all frequencies up to 10 MHz. For more info, see