Embedding Magnetics Achieves Reliability & Consistency, Part 1 of 3 by Jim Quilici, SCC America

Magnetic components are widely used in conjunction with semiconductor devices. For telecommunication applications, transformers couple signals into transmission lines and antennas. They provide impedance matching, level shifting, voltage isolation and common mode filtering. In power applications, transformers and inductors are used for energy storage, level shifting, isolation […]


Highly Permeable Ferrite Enables 3D Cube Antennas from Neosid for 6DoF Tracking

Applying its expertise with highly permeable ferrite material, Neosid has developed innovative new isotropic 3D antennas for electromagnetic tracking systems in devices for various industries such as gaming, logistics, maintenance, and medicine. Using a transmitting antenna, shown on the […]


Two Big Magnetic IC Portfolios Come Under One Roof as Infineon Technologies Acquires Cypress Semiconductor

Two semiconductor companies with extensive portfolios in magnetics technology are now under one roof with the acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor, based in San Jose, CA, by Infineon Technologies, headquartered in Munich. The 9 billion Euro […]