Tiny Inductors from TDK for True Stereo in Cable-Free Earbuds

True Wireless Stereo devices deliver stereo sound through completely cable-free earbuds. They are finding increasing application with smartphones, smartwatches, other wearables and portable players, driving up demand from electronics manufacturers for components to enable them.  One component maker targeting the domain is TDK […]


Sumida Adds New Inductors

Using flat wire windings to keep DC resistance low, Sumida has added a new power inductor to its portfolio, also two high current inductors constructed with a low-loss ferrite core. The new products join an […]


Yageo to Acquire Kemet Creating New $3 Billion Global Giant in Magnetic and Passive Components

Taiwan-based Yageo Corporation is acquiring passives component supplier Kemet Corporation of the US in a $1.6 billion deal that will create a new global giant in the manufacture of capacitors, magnetic components and other electronic […]