Carpenter Technology Raises Prices on Premium Product Portfolio

Carpenter Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of soft magnetic alloys, has raised its base prices in the range of 5-10% on new non-contract orders across all premium products.

Carpenter is a major producer of high-performance specialty alloy-based materials and process solutions for the aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics markets. It produces a broad portfolio of specialty alloys including titanium, nickel, and cobalt, as well as alloys specifically engineered for additive manufacturing processes and soft magnetics applications.

The announcement was made March 29 and effective that date. The company did not name in its announcement any specific products, many of which are not classified as premium.

Examples of its premium soft magnetic alloys, however, include its Vacumet core iron, a premium pure iron capable of providing improved soft magnetic characteristics superior to electrical Iron when heat treated in the same manner; Vacumet Consumet core iron, a premium commercial pure iron, double-melted under close control to have very low degree of nonmetallic inclusions and very soft magnetic property capability; MuMetal Plus Alloy, a premium version of its Mumetal alloy which provides higher permeabilities for more demanding applications; and its Super MuMetal Alloy, a premium grade int the Mumetal range that provides higher permeabilities for more demanding applications. It has been used for toroidal coils and laminations, current transformers, residual current detectors and ground fault interruptors.

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