Premier Magnetics Adds Line of Frequency-Optimized Planar Transformers

Premier Magnetics has introduced a new line of frequency-optimized planar transformers optimized for 200-700 KHz switching applications. The PM-PTxxx Series offers models with ratings to 250W that are designed for forward converter, full/half bridge and active clamp applications utilizing switching frequencies between 200 KHz and […]


Composite Film Technology, the Next Breakthrough in Flexible Electrical Insulating Materials

By Dr. Tom Murray, Marc Barmeier, Stephen Tuckwell    Elantas PDG, Inc.   Introduction to Flexible Electrical Insulation  The application conditions for any piece of electrical equipment can be extreme. It is therefore vitally important that insulation systems for motors, […]


ABB powers tourists to Niagara Falls with first US-built all-electric vessels, equipped with both permanent-magnet and inductive-magnet thruster motors

Visitors to the iconic Niagara Falls will soon be able to experience one of the US’s top landmarks emission-free. Two new Maid of the Mist passenger vessels will be entirely powered by high-capacity battery packs […]


New Asylum Research Accessory Enables Advanced Magnetics Research Under Both In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Applied Magnetic Fields

Asylum Research announced their new MFP-3D Variable Field Module (VFM4) accessory for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) which enable measurements under applied in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic fields in order to better understand their effects on nanoscale […]