Allegro Expands Magnetic Sensing Portfolio

Allegro Microsystems has been aggressively expanding its magnetic sensing portfolio, targeting new application needs in automotive and industrial sensing. Among its recent developments are a new magnetic position sensor for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) […]


Electromobility Heads Off-Road with Volvo Construction Equipment

Electric car sales are increasing every year, more and more cities are using electric buses, and the first generation of electric trucks is hitting the highways — when it comes to electromobility, a lot of the early progress has been seen on the roads. But quietly in the background, electric vehicles also have been heading off the road and onto construction jobsites. […]


Spintronics & Magnetoresistive Memory Developers Report Business Growth

Business growth in the spintronics and non-volatile magnetic memory market is turning the corner from Covid-19 while advancing into more applications, at least according to the fortunes of two key players, NVE Corporation and Everspin Technologies. Both companies develop non-volatile memory products, which do not have the traditional wear-out problems associated with some alternative memory technologies. […]