e-Power Technology

Polyphase Wireless Transfer for EV Charging Reaches New Levels at ORNL 

Using polyphase electromagnetic coupling coils with rotating magnetic fields to boost the power, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated breakthrough performance for wireless charging of electric vehicles. A recent series of prototype demonstrations have established the effectiveness of the technology, which ORNL is seeking to license to manufacturers. More research is focused on developing even higher power levels suitable for larger vehicles, getting the system to mass production-level readiness and exploring more applications. […]

e-Power Technology

X-Division Spreads Helix e-Propulsion to More Markets & OEMs 

Designers of high-performance products for e-mobility are getting to know the Helix brand, launched in 2022 to spread the electric propulsion technology of Integral Powertrain Ltd of the UK to more automotive and motorcycle OEMs while also positioning into aviation, marine and aerospace markets. From its roots in designing propulsion systems for motorsports, Helix has emerged as an established series manufacturer of the power-dense motors, inverters and e-powertrains that it develops. […]


New Magneto-Resistance Sensor from Aceinna 

Aceinna, a developer of high performance, thin film Magneto-Resistance (xMR) based current sensors, today announced the launch of the MCx2101 family of AEC-Q100 qualified automotive current sensors. These fully integrated, single-chip solutions offer exceptional accuracy, […]


Niron Magnetics Secures Funding from Samsung Ventures & Auto Heavyweights to Accelerate Production of Rare Earth-Free Magnets 

Niron Magnetics has been raking in new strategic investor funding with a $25 million round led by Samsung Ventures that included automotive top-tier suppliers Allison Transmission and Magna, and a further collaboration with General Motors. […]