Unveiling TMR3081: The Next-Gen Magnetic Angle Sensor  

MultiDimension Technology (MDT-Dowaytech) is excited to announce the TMR3081, a new automotive TMR SIN/COS differential angle sensor offering optimal performance. 

Key features: 

  • High-Precision Sensing:  
  • The TMR3081 features a dual orthogonal Wheatstone bridge and high-sensitivity TMR elements, offering precision (angle error < 0.8°) and thermal drift compensation across a 200 to 800 Gs magnetic field range.  
  • Robust Temperature Stability:  
  • With reliable performance from -40°C to 150°C, the TMR3081 ensures consistent operation in variable automotive temperature conditions. 
  • Strong Magnetic Interference Resistance:  
  • Unique design ensures accurate readings, resisting external magnetic interference common in automotive settings. 
  • Versatile Integration:  
  • Available in SOP8 and TSSOP8 packages with a wide supply voltage range and up to 600 mV/V peak voltage output, the TMR3081 easily integrates with MCUs, streamlining circuit design. 

Find more details in the TMR3081 datasheet and contact us at sales@dowayusa.com for sales, technical inquiries, or order samples online today!