23-bit Absolute TMR Magnetic Rotary Encoder Showcased at Sensors+Test 2024 

MultiDimension Technology (MDT-Dowaytech) will showcase the TMR3110 at Sensors+Test 2024, the latest advancement in magnetic rotary encoders tailored for precise industrial control applications.  Key Features:  Versatile Output Interfaces: The encoder is equipped with configurable SPI, […]


Magnetic Position Sensor from Infineon Accurate When Direction is Rapidly Changing 

A new magnetic position sensor from Infineon Technologies can help design engineers whose applications require accurate detection when direction may be rapidly changing. The device combines the company’s technologies in magnetic position sensing and linearized […]


Unveiling TMR3081: The Next-Gen Magnetic Angle Sensor  

MultiDimension Technology (MDT-Dowaytech) is excited to announce the TMR3081, a new automotive TMR SIN/COS differential angle sensor offering optimal performance.  Key features:  High-Precision Sensing:   The TMR3081 features a dual orthogonal Wheatstone bridge and high-sensitivity TMR […]


Unveiling the TMR7616-C Current Sensor IC 

MultiDimension Technology (MDT-Dowaytech) is excited to announce the TMR7616-C series current sensor IC, offering TMR performance in a compact SOPW16 form factor.  Key Features:  High Sensitivity: The TMR7616-C features a sophisticated design built upon electromagnetic […]


Neuranics: Glasgow Spin-out Develops Tiny TMR Sensors for Biomagnetic Sensing 

Neuranics, a recent spin out from the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, has developed pioneering magnetic sensor technology that can bring breakthrough capabilities in health, fitness and metaverse applications. Building low-profile magnetic sensors that can detect the magnetic fields generated by the muscles and the heart, the company is releasing a product development kit for design engineers. […]