NVE Introduces High-Sensitivity Nanopower TMR Magnetic Switches

Nanotech firm NVE Corporation, a developer of high-performance spintronics devices, has added two high-sensitivity models to its revolutionary ADT9xx-Series of tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) magnetic switches. Fast, tiny and requiring little power, they provide attractive options for designers of battery-powered […]


TDK Adds Full-Redundancy Safety Features to TMR Angle Sensor Portfolio

TDK Corporation is expanding its tunnel-magnetoresistance (TMR) angle sensing portfolio with the addition of a model that features full redundancy while it simultaneously measures speed, direction and motor position. The redundancy features satisfy newer, more stringent automotive safety requirements. […]


Crocus Adds to Family of TMR Sensors for Current and Angular Measurement

The Crocus family of tunnel magneto-resistance sensors continues to grow energetically with several new products introduced recently for current and angular sensing that are based on its XtremeSense technology. Shown above is its CT220 contactless current sensor which enables high isolation, high-resolution and high accuracy measurements for power monitoring applications without the need for magnetic concentrators or shields. […]

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NVE Introduces TMR Magnetic Switches for Nano-Power Applications

NVE Corporation has introduced a new series of tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) magnetic switches that combine low voltage, low power requirements and high speed making them attractive for battery applications. The new AHT series becomes the third group in the company’s line of nano-power magnetic sensors.  TMR […]


Crocus Technology Unveils Second Generation TMR Sensor Using Its Disruptive Magnetic Logic Unit

Crocus Technology, a developer of disruptive tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) sensors, has recently introduced another device based upon its patented Magnetic Logic Unit, this one employing the company’s second generation TMR technology.  The new CT100 is an advanced linear magnetic sensor […]