AKM Goes Into Mass Production with Coreless Fast-Response Current Sensors 

Fast response times of 100 nanoseconds make the Hall Effect sensors well suited to SiC/GaN power devices in electric vehicles. 

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has started mass production of its CZ39 series of current sensors for automotive applications that feature a compound Hall element, package and circuit technologies to realize high-speed response, low heat generation and noise-proof properties sought by design engineers. Compatible with SiC/GaN power devices, they can contribute to the miniaturization of on-board chargers and DC/DC converters that are installed in automobiles. The high-speed response also makes them suitable for use as electronic fuses. 

They can detect current in 100ns to can provide generous overcurrent protection, making it possible to introduce safe electronic fuse circuits into automotive power conversion systems. Current detection is possible without influence of noise even during high-speed switching operation. 

CZ39 series are fast-response coreless current sensor ICs 

The new devices join a wide lineup of Currentier magnetic open-type coreless current sensor ICs from AKM. Each of the models and series has its own strengths. Employing Hall sensing, they feature highly sensitive Hall element InAs designed around AKM’s compound semiconductor technology which is rated at approximately 30 times higher sensitivity than Si Hall element technology. 

Low heat generation is also an important feature. Since Currentier can detect even small magnetic fields, the cross-sectional area of the primary conductor can be made larger, allowing for lower resistance. At the same time, the highly sensitive Hall element makes it possible to reduce the gain of ICs and achieve high speed response. 

The ICs help power electronics engineers realizes system miniaturization and can reduce  design time, notes AKM. They can help product designers having problems with cored current sensors and unable to reduce the height, also where magnetic hysteresis-induced zero current output voltage errors become a concern. Currentier allows for low profile, requires no magnetic hysteresis, and achieves an accuracy comparable to that of a closed loop. See www.akm.com