Small Hole Multi-Axis EDM from Sodick

A new small hole electrical discharge machine (EDM) that is multi-axis capable and features capabilities for shaped diffuser holes, breakthrough detection and guide changers is available from Sodick Corporation. 

The new K6HL 5-axis hole drill includes features attractive for the aerospace industry specifically the 5-axis drills with the ability to produce thousands of holes for jet engine turbines. Other features include guide changers, penetration technology that optimizes cutting at the time of breakthrough detection, and the company’s standard rigid linear motors on all axis. 

Based in Schaumburg, IL, Sodick manufactures an extensive line of electrical discharge machines, used in the production of dies, molds and other applications which cannot be produced by standard machining methods. Electrical discharge machining is used for hard metals and electrically conductive materials. Sinker and wire EDM’s are often used in the production of various magnetic components, able to cut or burn through with precision an electrically conductive material without inflicting the same physical stresses caused by other types of machining. 

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