Magnetic Sensor from SIKO Allows Full Rotation of Encoder System

New developments in robotics, automation and many other rotative applications are aiming for increasingly compact designs and often cannot be implemented using standard components. SIKO’s new MSAC200 opens this design restraint, using the company’s flexCoder technology for an encoder system comprising a sensor and rule that can be adapted to the position and shape of the application. It provides absolute rotation and is expected to be available in second quarter 2020. 

The key factor is that both the sensor and the rule can be adapted. The available SIKO standard can also be applied by a magnet ring or encoder. This makes it possible to use the compact sensor mount, and modification is required only to the attachment of the rule on the customer’s shaft. With other applications, a standard SIKO magnet ring is used and the mounting of the flexible sensor array and the evaluation and interface electronics are adapted to the customer’s specific fixing options in the housing. Since the electronics can be both bent and stacked, integration can be very compact. 

Target applications are motor feedback, handling and assembly automation and to robotic systems. It is basically possible to adapt the encoder and the magnetic ring for precise fitting, for example in motors, said SIKO. See