IMI Develops Charitable Covid-19 Door Holder, Topping Off Decade of Growth and Record Deliveries

In direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) has developed a new, hands-free door opener that allows people to open latch-less doors without using their fingers, arms, or clothing – and is dedicating profits from the product to charity. This development follows the magnetic products manufacturer’s recent announcement that 2019 set another record for the company’s deliveries. 

IMI processed a record 19,218 orders and manufactured over 1.5 million parts – with an on-time delivery rate of 98.2%, all while producing and shipping more product from their USA facility than ever before. 

“We have continued to be bold on re-shoring as much assembly and manufacturing work as possible from the Pacific Rim,” said Dennis O’Leary, IMI’s chief business development officer. “We were able to accomplish this in tandem with increasing our efficiency, throughput and profitability – three internal target areas for success which allow us to continue investing in our future growth.” 

“When IMI was established in 1961, it was founded with a pretty simple goal in mind; know the customer and the application, manufacture the best solution and deliver it as promised,” said O’Leary.  “A lot has changed, but we still believe our success is rooted in striving for this goal. Our staff, channel partners and customers are all responsible for the results we’ve been fortunate to attain.” 

Over the past decade, the company has seen revenue double, due in part to three successful acquisitions. 

Lifting magnets from IMI

In 2014, IMI acquired Prater Industries and Sterling Systems & Controls, manufacturers of bulk processing equipment for particle size reduction, enlargement, feeding and separation, and process equipment hardware and software automation. 

2017 saw the addition of Javelin Manufacturing: designers, engineers, and manufacturers of eddy current separators and engineered systems utilized in the scrap, recycling, waste, scrap and mining industries. 

Electromagnets & power supplies from IMI

Finally, in 2019, IMI purchased Clamp Manufacturing, the creator of the Kant-Twist Clamp and No-Mar.  Hammer product lines used in metalworking, welding, assembly, and general manufacturing applications. 

Magnetizers & demagnetizers from IMI

“We continue to search for meaningful additions to our platform brands as we enter the ‘20’s,” and look forward to gearing up for our 60th anniversary in 2021,” said O’Leary. 

IMI’s newest product, the Foot-Pull Door Opener is attached to the bottom of a door and allows users to gently pull open doors using the sole of their shoe, eliminating the need to touch potentially contaminated door surfaces and helping to stop the further spread of germs and bacteria. 

The company has also devised a way for the Foot-Pull to work on latching, metal doors with lever-style handles by incorporating their J-Hook magnetic assembly. The J-hook product attaches magnetically to the door and holds the handle in the open position, converting the door into a latchless style that can now be used in conjunction with the foot-pull. 

The company has also announced that 100% of profits from the sales of the new device will be donated to local food pantries in Boyne City, MI, where the company headquarters is located, and their surrounding communities. 

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