Magnetically Shielded Ferrite Inductors from TT Electronics for Industrial and Telecom Markets

TT Electronics introduces two new ferrite-based magnetically shielded power inductors for industrial and telecom applications requiring high frequency power conversion and robust EMI filtering especially those using fast switching gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors. 

Both are surface mount device (SMD) inductors designed for use in high frequency DC/DC converter configuration popular in industrial markets. Their high inductance and current values offer a switching frequency configuration range of 100 kHz to 3 MHz making them suitable as a buck converter or an EMI filter. 

“These new SMD inductors offer greater operating temperature ranges in a smaller package than competitive options,” said Raj Singaraju, global product line director. “Designers now have a clear advantage in addressing the complex needs of high-power density applications common in today’s industrial and telecom equipment markets.” 

The HM66M series is designed for high frequency power conversion systems and EMI filter applications, and the HM78M series for high density and high frequency DC/DC converter applications. The HM66M is a shielded, miniature low-profile inductor that integrates a ferrite material core for significant permeability and temperature advantages. Characterized by low losses at high frequencies, they are ideally suited for power supplies and frequency converters that operate with fast switching GaN power semiconductors, said Singaraju. 

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