New Magneto-Resistance Sensor from Aceinna 

Aceinna, a developer of high performance, thin film Magneto-Resistance (xMR) based current sensors, today announced the launch of the MCx2101 family of AEC-Q100 qualified automotive current sensors. These fully integrated, single-chip solutions offer exceptional accuracy, […]


TCT Magnetic Core & Component Collaborates with E-peas to Create Self-Powered Current Sensor 

Magnetic component and core specialist TCT of France has collaborated with Belgian semiconductor company e-peas to develop a self-powered AC current sensor using TCT’s magnetic core as an energy harvester based on inductance.  The innovative […]


Tech Tips: Types & Characteristics of Current Sensors, Explained by AKM 

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) cares a lot about how design engineers choose to sense current, especially using magnetic sensing based upon Hall elements such as with its line of Currentier sensors, whose structure is depicted above. In explaining its technology, AKM has come up with a helpful tutorial on the fundamental types of current sensors and their distinctive characteristics. Some of the key points are highlighted in this article while the complete presentation is available on the company’s website. […]