Variohm EuroSensor Launches Two New Magnetic Angle Sensors

Variohm EuroSensor has recently introduced two new magnetic sensors, one a two-part puck and magnet programmable sensor, shown above, and the other its smallest-yet model in the company’s new series of miniature Hall Effect angle sensors. 

Launched as part of the company’s new Euro-CMRx range of miniature Hall Effect programmable angle sensors, the Euro-CMRK series comprises a two-part “puck” and separate magnet design that is suited to position feedback tasks where especially compact dimensions and extreme durability are essential. Based on the company’s proven and now further improved encapsulated Hall Effect sensor technology, the CMRK’s offers minimal axial length with customizable puck mounting and magnet dimensions. 

A choice of five standard magnet options include threaded and plug designs with the further option of custom or user supplied magnets. Generous alignment tolerances between sensor and magnet faces make for straightforward installation. In certain applications, the sensor electronics and magnet can be located through non-magnetic liquid or solid materials rather than air space, adding further flexibility and enhanced protection in very space restricted or environmentally challenging applications. 

Its new Euro-CMRT micro threaded angle sensor, shown second, is the company’s smallest model in its new miniature programmable Hall Effect angle sensor range. With a diminutive 10 mm diameter housing, the new sensors extend the CMRx range with additional capabilities for non-contact sensing. Particularly durable and robust, the CMRT series is especially suitable for long life, high duty-cycle precision angle measurement tasks where space is at a real premium or where its design flexibility allows straightforward mechanical and electrical adaptation to exactly match a customer’s requirements. 

Based in Towcester, UK, Variohm specializes in developing sensing solutions for numerous applications. Its Hall Effect sensor technology has been adapted and improved over many angle sensor design iterations and has been used in arduous position feedback measurement applications that include motorsports, industrial automation, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery. For more info, see