KAMIC Group in Sweden Emerges As Global Force in Magnetic Engineering 

Five companies in the KAMIC Magnetics Group were showcased together for the first time in Europe in 2023 and in North America at APEC 2024. Since then, it has rolled up three more custom magnetic component manufacturers with deals in Germany and Sweden. 

Making multiple acquisitions at a fast pace, Swedish-based KAMIC Magnetics Group is emerging as a growing force in magnetic engineering globally, at latest count representing an enterprise of eight specialist magnetics components businesses. Five of them came together in one stand for the first time at the Engineering Design Show in the UK last fall and, for the first time in North America, at APEC 2024 (Applied Power Electronics Conference) in February, to demonstrate their combined portfolio.  

Since then, KAMIC has rolled up three more producers of magnetic components in 2024 — Tramo ETV and Unitrafo Electric in Sweden, and Gersprenztal Transformatoren (GST) in Germany. AGW Electronics in UK and Avon Magnetics in the UK were both acquired in 2023. Together, the companies draw from manufacturing sites in six countries and with specialist expertise in a broad range of magnetic design and engineering. Sales are conducted from own sales offices in Sweden, UK, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, India and China, as well as through a global network of agents and distributors. 

Tramo and Unitrafo acquired together 

In April, KAMIC announced that it has acquired all shares in MLnX Holding AB with the wholly owned subsidiaries Tramo ETV AB and Unitrafo Electric AB. The seller of MLnX Holding is Marcus Lofgren, managing director of both Tramo ETV and Unitrafo, and a number of minority shareholders. 

Tramo ETV has a 50-year history as a manufacturer and supplier of customized transformers, inductors and filters. All manufacturing takes place in its own facility in Eslov, Sweden where the company has 21 employees. Customers are usually found in industries such as food production, medtech, transport and energy production. Geographically, the company focuses on the Nordic region and northern Europe. 

Unitrafo was founded in 1989 and has since then built up an expertise in products for safe electrical power and improved electrical environment. The company has no own production, but its operations are based on close co-operation with several leading manufacturers in Europe, enabling it to offer a wide range of products from small insulating transformers to large power transformers and reactors for the manufacturing industry and for power and network companies. Unitrafo has four employees in Askim, just south of Gothenburg. 

Fredrik Celsing, president & CEO of KAMIC Group 

Tramo ETV and Unitrafo are now part of KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area, where together they add some SEK 190 million in annual sales. Fredrik Celsing, president and CEO of KAMIC Group, says: “We like electrical technology and magnetics companies, and we place great value on drive, entrepreneurship and niche leadership. In Tramo ETV and Unitrafo we see all this and more, and we warmly welcome the companies and their employees to develop further in our expanding magnetics business area.” 

All executives in Tramo ETV and Unitrafo will continue in their respective roles after the ownership change. Managing Director and former co-owner Marcus Lofgren commented: “We are very pleased to join KAMIC Group. We see great opportunities for the continued expansion of both companies and in KAMIC Group we get a financially stable and long-term owner who will contribute with expertise, contacts and support tools to facilitate this.” 

GST adds transformer capabilities from Germany 

A month earlier came the acquisition of German company Gersprenztal Transformatoren GmbH from Gilbert Rohr and Uwe Kowarsch. GST develops and manufactures different types of transformers, such as low and high voltage transformers, isolating transformers and autotransformers. The company also offers different designs with chokes, and most of its products are developed specifically for customized applications. The company is located south of Frankfurt in Brensbach where it operates in a customized production facility. 

Founded as Konig-Worle-Beer in the 1980s but operating under its current name since 2006 when Gilbert Rohr and Uwe Kowarsch acquired the company, GST has around 50 employees and an annual turnover of approximately EUR 4 million. 

Dan Phelan, head of KAMIC Group’s magnetic businesses 

With the acquisition, GST also becomes part of KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area under the leadership of Dan Phelan, who comments: “GST has a clear niche product offering and employees with deep specialist knowledge of magnetic components, and there are few competitors who can match the company in terms of quality and customization. By adding GST to our existing operations in the business area, we will therefore be stronger both geographically and in terms of expertise.” 

The former owners, Managing Director Gilbert Rohr and Operations Manager Uwe Kowarsch, jointly commented: “We are very pleased to hand over the ownership of GST to KAMIC Group, a stable and long-term owner that values the power of entrepreneurship. As part of KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area, GST will have access to contacts, support and tools for business development which will benefit both our customers and employees.” 

AGW and Avon acquired in 2023 

AGW was acquired in May 2023 and Avon Magnetics earlier in the year, as previously reported in Magnetics Magazine, joining the group’s other units ETAL, SIGA Electronics and Talema. While each business in the division has its own orientation, together they form an international magnetics group with more than 1,100 employees, manufacturing in multiple countries and serving applications from portable electronics through mains powered systems to renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. 

Stefan Ruuth, sales manager BA Magnetics at ETAL, noted at the EDS show: “The last twelve months have been transformative for our division as we become a power player in the market. “EDS will be a milestone for us as a business, and the perfect platform to demonstrate the strengths of our five leading manufacturers.” 

AGL was acquired by the group via its subsidiary ETAL. Based in Spangal, Sweden, ETAL manufactures at its own facility in Sri Lanka and through Asian production partners. The sellers were Nigel Godwin, who is also the company’s managing director, Tony Godwin, Anette Godwin and Sara Boulton. Nigel Godwin will continue to lead the company. Founded in 1975, it manufactures customized wound magnetic components such as transformers and inductors and associated assemblies. The company is based in Staveley, Derbyshire, where operations are carried out in a purpose-built production facility of approximately 30,000 sq. ft. 

AGW has just over 60 employees and annual sales of approximately GBP 5 million. The company has a broad customer base and over the years has built long-term relationships with customers in industry sectors such as aviation, telecommunications, audio, military and automotive. “AGW has strong skills in the design, development and production of wound magnetic components and the company enjoys a high level of trust among its many customers,” commented Phelan about the deal. “AGW will therefore be a valuable addition to our existing operations in the business area.” 

“We are very pleased to be able to join our company to the KAMIC Group,” said Nigel Godwin. “We have a lot in common regarding technology and skills and we complement each other well in terms of the customers we serve. As part of KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area we will have access to contacts, support and tools that in the long term will benefit AGW, our employees and our customers.” 

A privately owned corporate group headquartered in Stockholm that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches, Kamic Group comprises some 40 companies active in both trade and manufacturing. Together the companies have some 1,700 employees in 14 countries in Europe, Asia and North America with annual sales of approximately SEK 3.7 billion. See www.kamicgroup.com