Heraeus Electronics Licenses Potting Encapsulant from Bosch 

Heraeus Electronics and Robert Bosch GmbH have signed a patent and know-how license agreement for encapsulation material that can bring benefit in the manufacture of magnetic components and electric motor stators. The agreement allows to access a valuable patent portfolio from Bosch to accelerate the development of their inorganic potting compound, CemPack, for encapsulation of power modules. 

The material offers superior thermal conductivity (>5 W/m/K) and extreme temperature resistance (up to 300°C), enabling increased power densities and improved reliability. The license agreement allows the extension of the application spectrum to encapsulation of passive components such as magnetics, capacitors and resistors), also to electric motor stators or other devices where a thermal bridge to a heat sink is required while ensuring protection against the environment. 

Agreement was signed at the PCIM Europe exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany 

“The combination of expertise between Heraeus and Bosch enables a new type of encapsulants that will bring power electronic packages to the next level so that these packages can unfold the full potential of a new generation of semiconductors,” said Dr. Klemens Brunner, Head of Heraeus Electronics. 

“Collaborations like these show the importance of open innovation to speed up development cycles and it is a great example for the innovation power of Heraeus,” said Michael Joerger, Head of Business Line Power Electronic Materials at Heraeus Electronics. 

“We are excited to share our knowledge and IP of this new technology with Heraeus to deliver inorganic potting compounds meeting the highest standards of performance and reliability. Like Bosch, Heraeus is committed to excellence and has a reputation of shaping the market with innovative products,” said Dr. Peter Wolfangel, EVP Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering at Bosch. 

The agreement is significant given the increasing demand for power modules as key components of the transition towards electrification. With its existing material portfolio for packaging and interconnection of semiconducting power dies, Heraeus offers an array of specialized materials for power electronics such as sinter paste, DTS and Ag-free AMB. For more info, see www.heraeus.com