Amidst Strong Growth & Expansion, PI Launches High-Precision Rotary Stages and Develops MagLev Systems for Nanotechnology 

PI (Physik Instrumente), a developer of diverse precision motion systems including magnetic levitation, piezo and other mechatronic technologies, has introduced a new series of motorized rotation stages using direct drive torque motors and ball bearings that extend its line of industrial rotary stages. Amidst a period of strong business growth, in other activities it is participating in a high-level group study that aims to integrate magnetic levitation into future nanoscale instrumentation, while also engaged in tripling the manufacturing capacity of a main production site in Germany, among several recent expansions. […]

e-Power Technology

BMW’s Most Powerful e-Propulsion Skips Rare-Earth Magnets in the Rotor 

BMW is introducing its most powerful all-electric models yet, employing a new propulsion system design that does without rare-earth magnets in the rotor and doubles the number of excitation windings in the stator. Producing the highest output ever for an all-electric car from the BMW Group, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive marks another milestone for BMW in its electric mobility transformation becoming the company’s third performance model to have an all-electric drive system as represented in the new BMW 7 Series range.  […]

Digital Version

July/August 2023

Toyota and Denso Pursue In-Road Wireless Charging by ElectreonElectreon, a specialist in embedded-roadway wireless inductive charging of electric vehicles, along with Toyota Motors and automotive component supplier Denso have agreed to jointly develop an advanced […]


DoD Strengthens Support for Lynas U.S. Facility

Lynas Rare Earths Ltd has announced that wholly owned subsidiary Lynas USA LLC has signed a follow on contract with the United States (U.S.) Department of Defense (DoD) for the construction of the Heavy Rare Earths component of the Lynas U.S. Rare Earths Processing Facility in Texas. […]


Gauss Instruments Redesigns TDEMI Series for EMC Measurement 

Seventeen years ago, the inventors of real-time Fast Fourier Transform analysis for electromagnetic compatibility presented a novel technology at the EMC Conference in Singapore which tumbled measuring times for complex tasks from as long as 9 hours to only 64 seconds. Now Gauss Measurement of Munich, Germany has introduced a new redesigned TDEMI G series that does more and works even faster.  […]