New Power Analyzers for Electronic Devices from Rohde & Schwarz 

The electrical characteristics of a device or module are a fundamental property that is measured throughout the electronics industry starting with the development, during compliance testing, throughout production and during service. Now, a new family of power analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz can measure voltage, current, power and total harmonic distortion on both DC and AC sources, serving as versatile power metering tools. 

The R&S NPA101 power meter provides all basic measurements, the R&S NPA501 power analyzer adds enhanced measurement functions and graphical analysis, and the R&S NPA701 compliance tester includes evaluation functions for power consumption and EMC harmonic emission testing. 

The three instruments include the same 23 standard measurements of power, current, voltage, harmonic distortion and energy. Users can select up to ten measurements to be displayed from a total of 37 to display simultaneously on the screen with a refresh rate of 100 ms. See