Crocus Technology Inc. Unveils New 2D Magnetic Angular Sensor

Crocus Technology Inc., announced in November that it has developed a new breakthrough 2D angular sensor based on tunnel magneto-resistance technology. A leading supplier of disruptive TMR sensors, the company said that its CT300 device has an extremely low angular error and high stability over a wide temperature and voltage ranges to address a variety of markets.

Designed using the companys Magnetic Logic Unit technology, the device consists of two full-bridge magnetic resistor networks capable of two-dimensional sensing. In the presence of a rotating magnetic field, the CT300 senses the field and produces two sets of differential signals representing the sine (SIN) and cosine (COS) waveforms. A single CT300 can measure the absolute angle resulting from a full 360 rotation and can sense magnetic fields ranging from 20 mT to 80 mT.

Zach Dieri_IN

Zach Dieri

“The CT300 is a high-performance TMR angular position sensor that showcases the strength of our MLU technology. It will help our customers achieve both higher accuracy measurements and stable performance over the operating range of temperatures and fields for applications that require a precise angular position, rotation direction, and speed information” said Zack Deiri, general manager of sensor products at Crocus. “It is highly suited for applications such as optical image stabilization, auto-focus enabled camera modules, optical encoders, BLDC motor control, IoT enabled smart devices and appliances, automation equipment, industrial controls and robotics where precise angular position measurements are required,” said Deiri.

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