Ferric Announces First Commercially Available Single Chip Power Converter with Integrated Magnetic Inductors

Ferric, Inc. announced in October the industry’s first and only commercially available single-chip power converter with integrated magnetic thin-film power inductors. The Fe1038D is a synchronous 3A step-down converter suitable for powering high performance digital, analog and mixed signal loads, such as microprocessor IO, applications processors and FPGAs. The Fe1038D is a complete power converter on a chip, including all necessary passive components, which allows for direct integration into the packaging of the load IC.

The Fe1038D includes an 8-phase buck converter with fully integrated powertrain, including Ferrics magnetic thin-film power inductors. The Fe1038D is a flip-chip die with low profile and integrates digital interface, power management, voltage control and power train circuitry. It achieves high efficiency over wide load conditions, and low peak-to-peak output voltage ripple. The buck delivers up to 3A continuous output current at an output voltage range of 0.6V to 1.5 V, all in one FC (Flip Chip) 59 Cu bump, 2.0mm x 3.2mm die.

Noah Sturcken_IN

“This product allows customers to implement new designs with significantly smaller form factors, lower power consumption, and a lower overall bill of materials cost according to Noah Sturcken, president and CEO. “Ferrics mobile, FPGA, and embedded solutions customers of the Fe1038D are creating their next generation products that will be much smaller and more efficient than currently available solutions.”

Typical Applications are systems-in-package, multi-core system-on-chip, smart phones, laptops, portable devices and and embedded industrial systems.

According to Sturcken, the integration of inductors with thin film magnetics represents a significant advancement for power supplies on chips by reducing power consumption, allowing smaller footprint designs, and reducing the overall bill of materials. Ferric has already seen significant commercial and government adoption of its integrated magnetic thin film inductor technology.

A venture-backed private company located in New York City, Ferric is commercializing innovative DC-DC power converter chips and circuit IP based on patented thin-film power inductors for customers in both the mobile and cloud computing spaces.

For more information, visit: http://www.ferricsemi.com/