High-performance and Multi-purpose TMR/AMR Angle Sensors from MDT 

MultiDimension (MDT-Dowaytech) supplies TMR/AMR magnetic angle sensors for angular position measurement and rotary encoders in industrial applications.  

The TMR angle sensors offer 360-degree on-axis measurement in high-sensitivity. They include the new TMR3005 with high-accuracy and alternative versions for ultra-low power or fast response time, along with TMR3001/TMR3002/TMR3004 that have been supplied to the market with optimizations for high-speed, low-power, and high-field operations.  

The AMR angle sensors support 180-degree high-precision on-axis and off-axis measurement. The AMR3003L and AMR3008 feature a compact LGA8L package, and AMR3013P offers pin-to-pin compatibility to existing AMR angle sensors on the market. The new AMR4100 is a multi-purpose device that supports both on-axis and off-axis angular position measurement for rotary encoders and linear magnetic scales. 

MDT will exhibit at Sensors Converge, June 28-29, in San Jose CA. Visitors are welcome to register for a free pass with promo code 3894. Please contact sales@dowayusa.com for sales and technical inquires.