Magnetic Encoders from Baumer Highlighted at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg


Baumer Mag Encoder_INBaumer showcased its MAGRES series of magnetic absolute encoders at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg in November highlighting their precision, robustness and underlying technology advancements.

The EAM580/360 magnetic encoders are at the forefront of a technology development which started at Baumer almost 20 years ago, said Katharina Blum product manager based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Present-day magnetic encoders nearly feature resolutions which previously were reserved to optical encoders, however, they are much more robust.

The performance capability of the encoders is due to several related factors and advancements, she explained. Its the sophisticated interaction of the ingeniously arranged magnet and magnetic sensor (patent pending) in combination with a high-performance and energy-efficient microprocessor and signal processing algorithms for conversion, filtering and interpolation of the measured values all encased to withstand shocks up to 500 g and vibration up to 30 g.

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