Urban Mining Progresses in Pioneering Effort to Scale Up Rare-Earth Magnet Production from Recycled Magnets

Freshly arisen from the flat, arid countryside of central Texas, a modern 130,000 square foot industrial facility is taking shape that the leaders and investors of Urban Mining Co. are eager to blossom into a […]


SMAC Commercializes Innovative High-Torque Robotics Motor with Halbach Magnetics Circuitry and Printed Coils

Using Halbach arrays of Neodymium magnets and printed coils, mechatronics developer SMAC is commercializing its innovative high torque brushless DC motors that it designed for robotics and electronics applications.  “The HT is a new revolutionary […]


Neo Performance Materials Purchases Samag Magnet Manufacturing Facility near Shanghai; Reports Lower Revenues for First Half of 2019

Neo Performance Materials Inc. has acquired a magnet manufacturing plant near Shanghai for $9.7 million where it will produce compression molded magnets using its Magnequench Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) powders. Separately, the company reports that it experienced an […]


Magnetic Separator Manufacturer Buehler Targets Consumer Foods Business, Acquires Magnetron Equipment Company

Buoyed by strong growth in 2018 and a key acquisition, Buhler Group, the Swiss maker of process manufacturing equipment including an extensive line of industrial magnetic separators, is extending its business into the consumer foods […]


V&P Scientific Adds New Products for Processing Magnetic Beads Used in DNA and other Research

V&P Scientific, Inc., an innovative developer of liquid handling systems for laboratories and scientific researchers, has recently added several new products to its portfolio of devices for suspending and separating magnetic beads used in life science applications including sophisticated genetic […]