Tech Tips: Pulse Engineers Demonstrate Advanced Design of High-Power Planar Magnetics for Automotive Applications

The demand for electric vehicles for both personal and commercial transportation continues to grow and with this growth comes increased pressure on designers of on-board chargers and DC/DC inverters to ensure the battery packs are […]


Nanometric-resolution Eddy Current Sensors Developed by Cedrat Technologies with Support of French Space Agency

Mechatronics company Cedrat Technologies reports that it has recently developed new nanometric-resolution Eddy Current sensors with the support of French Space Agency CNES. The sensors are contactless position sensors made of an Eddy Current probe with an associated conditioner. Cedrat also offers training […]


Mistras, Provider of Magnetic Particle Testing, Builds Its Pipeline Inspection Business with Acquisition

Mistras Group, a major provider of non-destructive testing services including magnetic particle and eddy current testing, has increased its footprint in the energy industry with the recent acquisition of Onstream Pipeline Inspections Services for $143 million.  […]


Solving Eddy Current Non-Destructive Testing Benchmark Problem with Integrated Engineering Software’s Program Faraday

By Amandeep Bal, Ph.D., Integrated Engineering Software  Market need  Eddy current testing (ECT) is a non-destructive (NDT) testing technique widely used in magnetic sensors to check the integrity of electrically conducting parts and notably to detect flaws. This sensitive technique can […]


Industrial Magnetics Expands Its Separations and Workholding Businesses with String of Food Industry Certifications, New Products and Acquisitions

Industrial Magnetics, Inc., manufacturer of a diverse line of magnetic products for separations and workholding, continues to build its roster of certifications for serving the food products industry while also growing through active product development, expanded testing […]


Eriez Magnetics Reports Robust Sales of Eddy Current Separators, Expands Manufacturing Capability in UK

Eriez Magnetics reports that sales of its eddy current separators for industrial and recycling markets have been setting a robust pace, boosted particularly by their latest model’s increased capability to separate beverage cans for recyclers. […]