Nanometric-resolution Eddy Current Sensors Developed by Cedrat Technologies with Support of French Space Agency

Mechatronics company Cedrat Technologies reports that it has recently developed new nanometric-resolution Eddy Current sensors with the support of French Space Agency CNES. The sensors are contactless position sensors made of an Eddy Current probe with an associated conditioner. Cedrat also offers training courses on magnetics in mechatronics design. 

In the new sensors, the associated electronics manage the signal from the probe to provide a precise measurement of the probe-to-target distance with enhanced bandwidth reaching 20kHz. Two probes are available to address different strokes. The ECP500, shown above, can measure up to 500um range, while the ECP1000 can measure up to 1000um range. 

Based in Meylan, France near Grenoble, Cedrat also provides training courses that focus on the application of magnetics in mechatronic design, among other subjects. Recent and upcoming courses include Active (i.e. Piezo) Materials & Actuators in September 2019, Magnetism for Mechatronics in December 2019, and Linear Magnetic Actuators in December 2019.

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