Eddy Current Probes from Zetec Feature Flexible Circuit Design

Zetec has developed a family of eddy current array probes with a new flexible circuit design and the company’s X-Probe coil technology that allow each probe to easily conform to numerous materials, shapes and geometries for inspecting aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation equipment. 

A key feature of the Surf-X array probe is its highly flexible design featuring interchangeable multiple coil sets. Users in the field can change a coil set in less than a minute, enabling the probe to easily adapt to different materials and surface geometries. The probes have a detachable encoder that can connect in multiple locations on both the handle and electronics module enabling multiple positions for probing. 

“Surf-X array probes are easy to use, extremely efficient and can reduce inspection time by up to 95% versus pencil probes,” said Bill Ziegenhagen, eddy current probes product manager for Zetec. “The innovative design truly delivers an inspection advantage.” 

The probes are designed to provide a chemical-free alternative to penetrant testing that, when used with the company’s handheld eddy current instrument, serve as a complete portable surface array solution. “With our MIZ-21C and Surf-X array probe, a user can quickly and accurately handle virtually any eddy current test application without extra hardware, chemicals or complex set-ups,” said Ziegenhagen.

For more information, visit:  www.zetec.com