iNRCORE Expands Transformer Line; Major Investment Company Steps Into Ownership Position — Signaling More Acquisitions? 

On the product side, iNRCORE has expanded its line of battery management system transformers targeting the EV market while, on the corporate side, major investment firm Warburg Pincus has taken an ownership position in the […]


Magswitch Unifies Its Companies in U.S. 

In a strategic move to redefine their presence in the United States, Magswitch Technology Inc. and Magswitch Automation Company have amalgamated their operations and are now doing business as Magswitch Technologies. The merger streamlines operations […]


Beckman Life Sciences Expands New R&D Hub in Colorado 

Beckman Life Sciences, a leader in magnetic separations technology for laboratories, has completed the first phase of its new research and development hub in Colorado with the opening of a $10 million facility in Loveland and now is working on a second phase set for opening next year. The first complex, opened in January, is 56,000 sq ft for office, technology development and customer engagement centers. The second phase will add 37,000 sq ft of manufacturing operation attached to the office site. […]