Magswitch Unifies Its Companies in U.S. 

In a strategic move to redefine their presence in the United States, Magswitch Technology Inc. and Magswitch Automation Company have amalgamated their operations and are now doing business as Magswitch Technologies. The merger streamlines operations in the U.S. and blends the group’s manual and automation tools under one roof.  

Magswitch develops innovative industrial automation material handling equipment for robotic end-of-arm tooling, pick and place, Body-in-White, and many other applications. The powerful and lightweight tools in its automation line make it possible to implement magnets where they weren’t previously applied. Specializing in switchable magnetic technology, it develops magnetic tools and products for material handling, welding/fabrication, woodworking, drills, heavy lifting, shipbuilding, infrastructure and automotive assembly. It also provides design and engineering services for customers developing their own products and systems. 

The company’s magnetic automation technology can replace vacuum cup lifters, grippers and traditional pin clamps impacting operating costs, high energy consumption and downtime. The systems are increasingly being deployed as a platform technology by major global OEMs and Tier One Suppliers in Europe, Asia and North America, particularly in operations for handling or fabricating steel. A few examples of its products are shown here. 

The new D85 is a narrow-footprint tool intended for use picking sheet metal. Featuring multiple shallow field array technology, it excels at de-stacking and lifting thin materials. 
Combining Magswitch’s patented core technology with advanced smart tool capabilities and electric actuation, the E Series allows Magswitch users more capabilities than ever before. 
Magswitch J Series features integrated smart technology with enhanced real-time feedback via sensor integration. It can handle double blank detection affordably and without clunky external sensors. Users can calibrate the tool to confirm correct part presence or identify dangling components via pole contact detection. 
The PLAY Series brings the power of multiple magnets together with a single point of actuation, useful for handling heavy-weight applications such as long pipes or beams. Customizable pole elements improve the dexterity. 

Application Services 

In addition to creating its own products, Magswitch offers its expertise and resources to assist customers with their design and application challenges in areas such as fixture, pole shoe, guarding, multiple magnet designs and fabrication services, sometimes customizing a range of components to expand the usability of their tool. It also offers magnetic analysis to confirm holding force and validate pole shoe designs. 

Headquartered in Superior, Colorado, Magswitch also operates from offices in Michigan, Germany and China. For more info, see